Trimming & Prunning

The idea behind pruning is to prevent loose or dead branches from harming other plants or people. Trimming applies to tidying up a small shrub or hedge's appearance by removing overgrown branches.

Chopping Wood

“We think the fire eats the wood. We are wrong. The wood reaches out to the flame. The fire licks at what the wood harbors, and the wood gives itself away to that intimacy, the manner in which we and the world meet each new day.”  

-Jack Gilbert


Yard Maintenance

We do it the old fashioned by pulling weeds instead of using weed wackers, so your weeds stop growing to show the natural look. We always work up the ground to make your home look inviting and new.

Lawn Mowing & Edging

Lawn mowing and edging keep a lawn looking good. You want your lawn to look neatly manicured at all times. Weekly mowing and regular edging combined with lawn fertilizing go a long ways towards achieving your goal.



Planting is so rewarding for the beauty of it, for the fruit, vegetables and deliciousness tastes you can grow in your own garden, or creating a dense beautiful evergreen foliage that can make excellent "living walls" when privacy is needed in the garden. 

Fertilizing & Bug Control

Fertilizer and Bug Control is a key ingredient in growing and maintaining a green, healthy lawn.