Commercial Maintenance

A flourishing lawn adds functionality and beauty to your landscape and it adds value to your business. Green Acres Landscape offers lawn care solutions that ensure you will have a plush, beautiful and green lawn.

We accomplish this by applying the proper water, nutrients and disease control applications in the right amounts at the right time, and mowing on schedule at the proper grass height. Every lawn is unique and requires a customized lawn care program. We evaluate every aspect before determining what turf management solution is best for your lawn.

Your lawn care solution will consist of a detailed, scheduled plan for maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn. It must meet your approval. Our maintenance staff is certified and field trained. They have dependable equipment and possess all requisite certifications and licenses. 

Proper lawn care produces dramatic results in the health and attractiveness of a lawn. We employ the principles of plant horticulture, safe handling of fertilizers and pesticides, efficient operation of mowing and mulching equipment, water conservation, and the recycling of lawn waste. We offer a broad range of services so we can meet the lawn care needs of small and large commercial properties.